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Apex has always partnered with Japan's working professionals in hopes of providing solutions to achieve success. Today, we partner with The Nippon Foundation to support medical professionals and volunteers on the front-line of the fight against coronavirus.

As of July 9th, more than 2,000 new coronavirus infections are being reported each day in Japan. There are nearly 20,000 total active cases, many of which remain in critical condition.1 Hospitals providing care for these infected patients are at or near full capacity, placing healthcare workers under immense stress.

To alleviate some of this stress, Apex will be donating ¥100,000 to The Nippon Foundation for every eligible job vacancy registered on our homepage from July 9th to August 31st. The entirety of the donation will be used to provide emergency support for medical facilities and practitioners, create and maintain medical treatment facilities, and facilitate safe transportation for medical practitioners. With deep roots in the healthcare industry, we feel it is our corporate social responsibility to support a cause near and dear our business partners and Apex.

The accelerating vaccination rates are promising, but now more than ever, we must remain vigilant to avoid another wave of infections as many prefectures are seeing a rise in cases after transitioning from a state of emergency to preventative measures. Our responsibility is to ensure every patient and medical practitioner can receive the full support they need in the fight against coronavirus.

If you would like to register a job vacancy to support the Nippon Foundation's coronavirus relief support measures, please visit Apex and use the designated contact form.

If you would like to learn more about The Nippon Foundation, please visit The Nippon Foundation.

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1Japan COVID-19 Coronavirus Tracker. (2021, July 9). https://covid19japan.com/

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