Tips for job change


5 Ways Accepting A Counteroffer Can Hurt Your Career

Apex KK 20/09/2017

  The next step after accepting a job offer is to resign at your current place of work if you have not done so already. However, upon resigning, many are faced with the challenge of rejecting or accepting a counteroffer.  While there are two sides to every decision, here are 5 reasons why accepting ...

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What To Expect When You Meet With A Recruiter

Apex KK 31/05/2017

  Meeting with a recruiter for the first time can be a little nerve-racking as with any unknown situation. As such, we would like to address your concerns and give you a clear understanding of what to expect when having a confidential consultation with a recruitment consultant. 

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Have You Spoken To Your Family About a Job Change?

Apex KK 24/04/2017

  When considering changing careers, job seekers often keep the thought to themselves. After all, why tell anyone if you are not even sure you will change positions?  Maybe you are happy in your current job but are open to hearing about new opportunities, just in case a great one comes along. ...

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Is Accepting A Less Senior Title A Good Career Move?

Apex KK 27/03/2017

  When considering a job change, almost all of us want to move to a position that reflects growth and progression in our career. Therefore, when you receive a job offer that has a title less senior than your current title, it might be tempting to immediately reject it. However, although a title ...

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