Tips for job change


5 Steps To A Smooth Resignation

Apex KK 06/08/2018

Whatever the reason, you’ve decided that you want to quit your job. It’s time to take steps toward a resignation, but where do you begin? Here are some tips on how to successfully quit your job, without burning important bridges in the process.

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4 Signs its Time To Change Your Job

Apex KK 30/07/2018

When is the last time you reflected on your career? Are you currently on a path that is aligned with your career goals? If you're not so sure, below are 4 signs it might be time to change your job.

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How to prepare for your interview

Apex KK 02/07/2018

So you got the interview, now what? You know how to explain what you currently do so you don't need to prepare anything right? Wrong. As recruitment consultants, we have seen countless job seekers make the mistake of overestimating their ability to interview well with little to no preparation. The ...

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From Application to Offer - First Job Change Case Study

Apex KK 25/06/2018

As recruitment professionals, we see many kinds of job change cases. From short processes, to long processes, 2 interviews to 5 interviews, it can vary depending on the industry, company, and position.  This case study is about a professional who had never changed his job and was satisfied about ...

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How to determine if you should be promoted

Apex KK 12/06/2018

94% of people said they wanted more responsibility at work, and 47% cited lack of responsibility growth in their position as a reason to begin looking for a new job. These are results from the Apex Market Research Team’s fall 2017 study in the Japanese Healthcare industry.

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From Application To Offer - A Quick Job Change Process Case Study

Apex KK 14/05/2018

As executive search consultants, we work with many professionals in supporting them through their job change from the initial meeting to final offer and beyond. As such, we come across a variety of job change cases. In this case, we supported a professional who was looking to change jobs because he ...

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