Tips for job change


Can Marketing Be a Gateway Into Medical Device Industry?

Apex KK 13/05/2019

The medical device industry continues to see an increasing demand for better access and supply of pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices. In turn, we have seen a steady growth of the esteemed industry throughout the years.

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How technology is changing job recruitment

Apex KK 01/04/2019

We continue to witness just how powerful technology is with its force of creating new changes in our everyday lives and activities that were previously a second nature to us. Now, the job recruitment process has also received a makeover in the Digital Age and there are several changes you should be ...

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Why you should establish and build your professional digital presence

Apex KK 18/02/2019

You may have recently realized just how pervasive technology and its digital realm has overtaken and revamped numerous traditional aspects of society. This digital overtake makes no exception for the job market. With this control, there are many new revisions that many must now make in order to ...

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Should You Listen To Hearsay In Your Job Search?

Apex KK 04/02/2019

When you’re searching for a new job, it can be difficult to figure out where to look for the most accurate and up-to-date information on the position you’re interested in. If you don’t know anything about a company, it can be tempting to listen to gossip, but how much of it should you let affect ...

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3 Things to Consider When Changing Your Job

Apex KK 21/01/2019

The job changing process can be unpredictable. It can be exciting to be searching for a job that is perfect for you but it can also be time filled with uncertainty. In both cases, it is best to prepare yourself for this process, though preparation is more than just having a plan as even with the ...

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Will Your Study Abroad Experience Impact Your Career In Japan?

Apex KK 24/12/2018

In recent years, studying abroad has become more and more common among Japanese university students and many jump at the chance to improve their English and gain a multicultural experience. But for those in previous generations, where studying abroad was not so common, will a mid career study ...

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