Successful Case Studies


ERP Pitfall? A Manager’s Prolonged Job Change Process Case Study

Apex KK 25/09/2020

If your company is ready to offer you an early retirement package (ERP), would you accept it? Receiving a buyout may seem like the right move for those who are already seeking new opportunities. However, even after your initial emotions settle, you will need to weigh both the pros and cons of ...

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Case Study: Successful Job Change with Commentary from Apex Consultant

Apex KK 06/03/2020

A mid-management level executive was introduced to Apex by a former colleague. Like many professionals, he was content with his current career, but was interested in learning about new opportunities. He came to Apex for a complimentary career consultation in the Spring, and was able to successfully ...

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From Application to Offer - Salary Negotiation Case Study

Apex KK 24/09/2018

Do you understand your current compensation? In this job change case, we helped a job seeker (Mr. A) who needed support in negotiating their salary and understanding the compensation package on the new offer. Let’s take a look at Mr. A’s job change process from application to offer:

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From Application to Offer - First Job Change Case Study

Apex KK 25/06/2018

As recruitment professionals, we see many kinds of job change cases. From short processes, to long processes, 2 interviews to 5 interviews, it can vary depending on the industry, company, and position.  This case study is about a professional who had never changed his job and was satisfied about ...

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From Application To Offer - A Quick Job Change Process Case Study

Apex KK 14/05/2018

As executive search consultants, we work with many professionals in supporting them through their job change from the initial meeting to final offer and beyond. As such, we come across a variety of job change cases. In this case, we supported a professional who was looking to change jobs because he ...

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