Resume tips


6 Steps To Creating A Targeted Resume

Apex KK 15/10/2018

Are you wondering why after sending your resume to company after company you have not gotten many responses? The reason could be simply because you were not qualified for the position, or there was a lot of competition for the role. In either case, if you felt that you are qualified and could leave ...

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How to Structure Your Resume

Apex KK 15/06/2017

  Let’s talk about resumes: What information should you include? Is there information you should omit?

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3 Common Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid

Apex KK 10/03/2017

  One of the worst things that can happen when applying for a job is getting rejected because of a few mistakes on your resume. In order to present a strong application, even the small details on the resume are important and should be payed attention to. Through our experience in reviewing resumes ...

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