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The Effect of a lack of Leadership Training in Japan

Apex KK 04/06/2018

A great leader has the ability to make a lasting positive impact on the business similarly, a not so great leader has the opposite affect and the negative affects can be seen on employees morale, productivity, and motivation. This is especially important when we consider the current state of the ...

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Is leadership a skill you can learn?

Apex KK 28/05/2018

The topic of leadership is always important in organizations, as leaders determine the direction and success of the company by translating their vision to those who follow them. While aspects of leadership may vary by culture, it can be seen as the determinant of success or failure of a company.

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What Makes A Great Manager - Advice for New Managers

Apex KK 05/02/2018

  Great managers are essential for the success of any organization. These personnel help to achieve an effective and productive workforce that improves the usual performance level of an organization.

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How to Succeed as a new Manager in the First 90 Days

Apex KK 08/01/2018

 The first three months for a new manager are essential in setting expectations with subordinates, creating a good first impression, and blending into the team as a new manager. To help you accomplish this, here are some tips.

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