Interview Tips


Best advice for improving your online job interview skills

Apex KK 24/08/2020

The job change market remains favorable to job seekers compared to a period of 7 years around the Lehman shock※, as shown by the report that the ratio of job offers to job seekers in June was still 1.11. As the pandemic has made online job interviews an essential hiring tool, it takes up 15-minute ...

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5 Tips for Acing Your Online Job Interview

Apex KK 12/06/2020

A WEB/online job interview is an increasingly common part of the recruiting process globally in our COVID-19 era. While the number of WEB/online job interviews is expected to soar, poor preparations can derail even the best candidates. Here, you will learn the 5 tips for acing your WEB/online job ...

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How to Recover From a Bad Interview

Apex KK 22/04/2019

So you just had a bad interview, now what? Having a bad interview is not the end of the world, and it does not hurt to try again and learn from your mistakes. You can give the interview process another try if you are determined to get the job and feel you are the perfect fit. Whether you were ...

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Can Emotional Intelligence Improve Your Job Change?

Apex KK 26/11/2018

Changing jobs can be a challenging process. From interview anxiety to long waiting periods without a response, changing jobs can begin to take a toll on you.

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3 Leadership Characteristics To Emphasize in an Interview

Apex KK 12/11/2018

One of Apex's founding members and long time recruiter, Curtis Jordan, discusses 3 things executives should keep in mind when interviewing for a leadership position. See his thoughts on important leadership characteristics below.

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What Questions Should You Avoid Asking In An Interview?

Apex KK 22/10/2018

You are probably familiar with how the end of an interview typically goes, when it comes to the last 10 or so minutes the interviewer will ask “do you have any questions?” Now, you may feel a little bit relieved because the interview is almost over and you've finished selling yourself and your ...

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