The Apex Internship Experience - Will A.

Apex KK 15/01/2020

“During my time working in Tokyo as an intern at Apex, I have gained so much valuable knowledge and experience that I will take with me for the rest of my professional career." Will Adams, who was working as an intern at Apex from last September, talked about his experiences and skills he had ...

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The Apex Internship Experience - Maya K.

Apex KK 02/09/2019

Maya Kumazawa is a 3rd-year business major at the University of Victoria, Canada. After graduating from a junior college in Japan, she worked as a trade admin for four years, and then decided to study abroad in Canada. Since she always had a strong desire to use her overseas experience in Japan, ...

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The Apex Internship Experience - Tom G.

Apex KK 06/08/2019

"Interning abroad will allow you to learn more than you ever could in a classroom, with tangible cultural insights and knowledge." It is sadly time to say good-bye to our great intern, Tom Goodall-Halliwell.  He is a third year student from the Gustavson School of Business at the University of ...

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Is An Executive Search Internship Right For You?

Apex KK 20/08/2018

What is an executive search internship? The executive search interns at Apex focus on supporting the recruitment process for the clients in their industry team. For our most recent interns, Liam and Jaydon, their focus was in the Legal and Pharmaceutical teams respectively. Their day to day ...

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A Day In The Life Of An Apex Intern

Apex KK 23/04/2018

The Apex internship program was established over 4 years ago, and every intern we have had has made great contributions and left a lasting impression on the entire company.

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The Apex Intern Experience - Month By Month review

Apex KK 18/12/2017

  Over the last 3 and half months, we have had the pleasure of hosting our newest intern, Francis, currently a third-year Economics student studying at the University of Victoria in Canada. His key duties consisted of analyzing and standardizing data, various marketing projects, as well as ...

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