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Legal and Compliance Industry - Advice from Recruiters

Apex KK 27/05/2019

What does the current law firm and corporate legal landscape look like for people wanting to change jobs? What are some of the current trends in the market that legal professionals should be aware of? We sat down with our Legal & Compliance team to talk about market trends and some advice for those ...

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Can Marketing Be a Gateway Into Medical Device Industry?

Apex KK 13/05/2019

The medical device industry continues to see an increasing demand for better access and supply of pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices. In turn, we have seen a steady growth of the esteemed industry throughout the years.

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Commercial Excellence 1.0: Entering the Commercial Excellence Field

Apex KK 19/11/2018

The term ‘Commercial Excellence’ has been growing steadily for the past 10 years. While the term is broad in definition, the underlying theme is to inject new life and data-driven processes into the company’s commercial strategy.

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Careers in the Medical Device Industry – Advice From A Recruiter

Apex KK 17/04/2018

  Japheth A. Worthy is a medical device recruitment consultant and specializes in Sales and Marketing at the senior level including National Sales Heads, Marketing Manager/Directors and even CEOs. He has been at Apex since 2011.

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What type of Regulatory Affairs career path is right for you?

Apex KK 26/03/2018

When building a career in regulatory affairs at a medical device company, professionals need to consider what is their end goal for their RA career. If they want to go on a people management path versus a hands on staff role, the type of company and type of position they start in can affect how ...

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Careers In The Pharmaceutical Industry – Advice From A Recruiter

Apex KK 27/11/2017

  Noa Nakamura is a pharmaceutical recruitment consultant and specializes in multiple areas including medical affairs, Medical Doctors, and drug safety. She has been at Apex since 2011 and enjoys working with a variety of people and helping them move to the next step in their career.

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