Company Culture & Work Style


How lack of responsibility growth affects job satisfaction

Apex KK 05/03/2018

Job satisfaction is becoming even more important in Japan in recent years, as professionals today are offered a wide variety of opportunities and job change is on the rise.

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Making the Switch: Part 3 Moving from a Large Corporation to a Startup

Apex KK 22/01/2018

  A couple of weeks ago, we discussed the differences of making the switch from a Japanese company to an American company and to a European company. We found that the business culture, the way in which decisions are made, and the work-life balance varied between each type of company.

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Making The Switch Part 2: Moving From A Japanese To European Company

Apex KK 04/12/2017

We previously discussed the benefits and drawbacks of moving from a Japanese company to an American company, so let's take a look at European companies compared to Japanese companies. European companies offer a nice middle ground between the aggressive, fast paced style of an American company and ...

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Making the Switch: Moving from a Japanese to American Company

Apex KK 30/10/2017

  It is common to see cultural influences on corporate cultures, the organization structure, how teams are managed, and other aspects of business.

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