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What does the current law firm and corporate legal landscape look like for people wanting to change jobs? What are some of the current trends in the market that legal professionals should be aware of? We sat down with our Legal & Compliance team to talk about market trends and some advice for those interested in what is available for them. 


Q. What are Some Current Market Trends for Law Firms and Company Legal Departments?

”There are rising trends within law firms and company legal departments that are helping pave the way in the global market. Most of these trends are simply a result of times that are changing. These trends range from technology, to demographics, to lifestyle, so it is beneficial to learn and understand them so that you may become better informed of what is changing and how you can keep up and adapt."


Q. Is There a Common Theme About the Hiring Process?

"Some company legal departments or possibly even firms may look to see if the professional is a good culture fit. For example, will the professional be a good fit to their current work environment or be able to adapt?"


Q. What is Challenging About Job Change in Law Firms and Company Legal Departments?

 "Finding a proper work-life balance and deciding to switch from a firm to in-house can be a hard decision to make. Both private practice and in-house have their respective pros and cons, so it is important to keep an open mind. Another challenging aspect is that when a lawyer moves in-house, they may need time to adjust to the lifestyle and understand how the company operates."


Q. What Can Job Seekers Expect From Interviews?

 "Companies want the professionals to show up with an interest in that company. So, there is a big emphasis on industry knowledge prior to the interview. When considering in-house, take a look at the company’s website and learn what the company is about. Also, when asked about previous experiences, be ready to explain a success story and try to refer to the S.T.A.R. method. As the interview comes to an end, try to ask questions. It can further show your interest in the company."


 Q. What is the Biggest Piece of Advice for Professionals Looking to Change Jobs?

"Be flexible, open-minded and ask yourself if you have a legitimate reason to change jobs and what is it that you are trying to gain by changing jobs. If you do come across an attractive job position, try to consider if it is the right time to move. Recognize the pros and cons when contemplating changing your job to help make the best decision for your career."



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