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2017 Hanami Celebration

Apex KK 03/04/2017

  On March 31st, the whole Apex team spent the afternoon in Yoyogi park enjoying the great views of blooming sakura and celebrated the season of hanami. The first Apex hanami celebration was in 2011, and has since become a yearly tradition that the whole company looks forward to and enjoys.

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Is Accepting A Less Senior Title A Good Career Move?

Apex KK 27/03/2017

  When considering a job change, almost all of us want to move to a position that reflects growth and progression in our career. Therefore, when you receive a job offer that has a title less senior than your current title, it might be tempting to immediately reject it. However, although a title ...

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3 Common Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid

Apex KK 10/03/2017

  One of the worst things that can happen when applying for a job is getting rejected because of a few mistakes on your resume. In order to present a strong application, even the small details on the resume are important and should be payed attention to. Through our experience in reviewing resumes ...

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Benefits of Moving In-House

Apex KK 20/02/2017

  For a legal professional who has never worked in-house, making the switch might feel like a big step into the unknown. As with any unfamiliar territory, it may seem risky and many won’t give it any consideration. For those who are thinking of moving in-house, and those who’ve never thought of ...

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