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Is Accepting A Less Senior Title A Good Career Move?

Apex KK 27/03/2017

  When considering a job change, almost all of us want to move to a position that reflects growth and progression in our career. Therefore, when you receive a job offer that has a title less senior than your current title, it might be tempting to immediately reject it. However, although a title ...

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3 Common Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid

Apex KK 10/03/2017

  One of the worst things that can happen when applying for a job is getting rejected because of a few mistakes on your resume. In order to present a strong application, even the small details on the resume are important and should be payed attention to. Through our experience in reviewing resumes ...

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Benefits of Moving In-House

Apex KK 20/02/2017

  For a legal professional who has never worked in-house, making the switch might feel like a big step into the unknown. As with any unfamiliar territory, it may seem risky and many won’t give it any consideration. For those who are thinking of moving in-house, and those who’ve never thought of ...

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