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Making the Switch: Moving from a Japanese to American Company

Apex KK 30/10/2017

  It is common to see cultural influences on corporate cultures, the organization structure, how teams are managed, and other aspects of business.

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A Closer Look: The Apex Training Experience – Part 1

Apex KK 16/10/2017

  At the beginning of October, we welcomed a big group of new hires to our team. They are currently undergoing our training program to ensure they are fully prepared for their new positions at Apex.

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6 Ways Meeting A Recruiter Can Benefit Your Career

Apex KK 25/09/2017

  You find your work interesting, your co-workers are nice, and you are happy at your current job; you may think there is no reason to meet with a recruiter. However, unless you will be spending the rest of your career at your current company, you may want to start building a relationship with a ...

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5 Ways Accepting A Counteroffer Can Hurt Your Career

Apex KK 20/09/2017

  The next step after accepting a job offer is to resign at your current place of work if you have not done so already. However, upon resigning, many are faced with the challenge of rejecting or accepting a counteroffer.  While there are two sides to every decision, here are 5 reasons why accepting ...

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Apex Climbs Up Tokyo Tower For World Suicide Prevention Day

Apex KK 11/09/2017

  On September 10th, 2017, our team took on the challenge of racing up the 600 stairs of one of Tokyo’s iconic structures: Tokyo Tower.

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The APEX Intern Experience

Apex KK 28/08/2017

  This summer we welcomed three interns, Natasha, Neale and Sebastian, from the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria, Canada. During their three month internship here at Apex, their core duties were project support and analyzing and standardizing data. Additionally, ...

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