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How to Succeed as a new Manager in the First 90 Days

Apex KK 08/01/2018

 The first three months for a new manager are essential in setting expectations with subordinates, creating a good first impression, and blending into the team as a new manager. To help you accomplish this, here are some tips.

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The Apex Intern Experience - Month By Month review

Apex KK 18/12/2017

  Over the last 3 and half months, we have had the pleasure of hosting our newest intern, Francis, currently a third-year Economics student studying at the University of Victoria in Canada. His key duties consisted of analyzing and standardizing data, various marketing projects, as well as ...

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Making The Switch Part 2: Moving From A Japanese To European Company

Apex KK 04/12/2017

We previously discussed the benefits and drawbacks of moving from a Japanese company to an American company, so let's take a look at European companies compared to Japanese companies. European companies offer a nice middle ground between the aggressive, fast paced style of an American company and ...

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Careers In The Pharmaceutical Industry – Advice From A Recruiter

Apex KK 27/11/2017

  Noa Nakamura is a pharmaceutical recruitment consultant and specializes in multiple areas including medical affairs, Medical Doctors, and drug safety. She has been at Apex since 2011 and enjoys working with a variety of people and helping them move to the next step in their career.

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A Closer Look: The Apex Training Experience Part 2

Apex KK 13/11/2017

  We previously discussed what the Apex training program covers and how the current new hires are doing in A Closer Look: The Apex Training Experience Part 1. Now that the training period is over, our training program manager goes over how the program has changed over the years, and where the ...

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APEX company trip: tsuchiura adventures

Apex KK 30/10/2017

This year we brought back our annual company trip! For the last weekend in September, the Apex team traveled north from our office in Ebisu to the city of Tsuchiura.

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