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How lack of responsibility growth affects job satisfaction

Apex KK 05/03/2018

Job satisfaction is becoming even more important in Japan in recent years, as professionals today are offered a wide variety of opportunities and job change is on the rise.

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7 Things You Can Do To Ace Your Interview

Apex KK 26/02/2018

The amount of people changing jobs mid career is among the highest it's been since the global financial crisis in 2008. Because of this, there is a lot of competition for the available jobs in Japan, meaning it is more important than ever to succeed in your interviews.

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A Closer Look: First Impressions About Training

Apex KK 13/02/2018

  The first thing we did in 2018 was introduce our latest round of new hires to our training program. Our training program has been developed by our in-house training team and provides all new hires with the knowledge and tools needed to be successful in their role and helps them provide a quality ...

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What Makes A Great Manager - Advice for New Managers

Apex KK 05/02/2018

  Great managers are essential for the success of any organization. These personnel help to achieve an effective and productive workforce that improves the usual performance level of an organization.

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5 Ways Working With A Recruiter Can Benefit Your Company

Apex KK 29/01/2018

  Finding a new employee for your organization can be a struggle. Searching for that perfect match, someone who will fit in seamlessly into the culture of your organization can be a hard, full time job. Here are five reasons why working with a headhunter will not only ease the burden on your end, ...

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Making the Switch: Part 3 Moving from a Large Corporation to a Startup

Apex KK 22/01/2018

  A couple of weeks ago, we discussed the differences of making the switch from a Japanese company to an American company and to a European company. We found that the business culture, the way in which decisions are made, and the work-life balance varied between each type of company.

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