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Apex Yakatabune Party 2019

Apex KK 16/07/2019

The Apex team is always excited to hit the high seas for a fun evening full of Japanese culture, food, drinks, and even some surprise karaoke performances! This year was no exception.

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Characteristics of a modern Supply Chain

Apex KK 01/07/2019

In modern supply chains “Agility” is a key word that every company is talking about.  With constant and rapidly changing market conditions, organizations need to be lean and flexible in order to respond to disruptions quickly and effectively.

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Market Trends: Consumer Industry

Apex KK 24/06/2019

In the digital age, with the rise of online shopping and e-commerce, companies worldwide have begun to move away from a solely “brick and mortar” shopping experience and expanded onto the web opening up their own online shops.

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Executive Recruiter Advice: IT & Kubernetes

Apex KK 10/06/2019

In the digital age, developer and engineers are always in short supply, and with the IT ecosystem so wide and varied, finding the right person, with the right logic, programming, and process management skills can be tough for companies.

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Legal and Compliance Industry - Advice from Recruiters

Apex KK 27/05/2019

What does the current law firm and corporate legal landscape look like for people wanting to change jobs? What are some of the current trends in the market that legal professionals should be aware of? We sat down with our Legal & Compliance team to talk about market trends and some advice for those ...

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Can Marketing Be a Gateway Into Medical Device Industry?

Apex KK 13/05/2019

The medical device industry continues to see an increasing demand for better access and supply of pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices. In turn, we have seen a steady growth of the esteemed industry throughout the years.

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