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As discussed in part 1 of this series, we welcomed six new recruits at the beginning of July 2017. In order to ensure they start their career at Apex with all the knowledge and skills needed to be successful, they went through our comprehensive training program. The focus of the first half of the training program was mostly on learning the basics of recruiting, such as becoming acquainted with Apex's history and recruitment terminology, developing their sales skills, and learning Japanese business culture.

The second half of the training program brought the trainees from inexperienced new recruits to contributing members of the Apex team through hands on training and experiential learning. This training method ensured that each new recruit fully understood their role as an executive recruiter before working in their respective industry teams. To celebrate their hard work and completion of the training program, the new recruits went on an out-of-office excursion with their mentors. This sort of team bonding event is a big part of the Apex culture and it was a great way to further welcome the new recruits into the Apex team.


Hands on training

Rather than simply explaining how to manage the recruitment process, we focus on hands on training and experiential learning. The trainees went through multiple call and meeting simulations with the trainers to ensure that they would be fully prepared to support the professional we partner with once they completed the training program. The modules were dynamic, with a variety of role play practice sessions to provide as realistic training as possible. This teaching method gave them the chance to experiment with what worked best and to learn from their mistakes with guidance from the training team.


The group reviews their notes at the conference table

The new recruits review their notes in preparation for a training simulation.


The trainees simulate a meeting

A group training simulation in progress.


Becoming industry experts

Apex's recruitment consultants have an in-depth understanding of their industry, market trends and human capital. We provide support to our new hires in learning about their industries and becoming industry experts.


The trainees practice their presentation on the screen


Celebrate success

After many hours of hard work, the new hires have successfully a passed their training! To celebrate, the trainees along with their team leaders enjoyed a group lunch and an afternoon out of the office at the bowling alley.

We wanted to let our new recruits have a relaxing afternoon after completing the training program and also show them a piece of Apex culture. Company events such this as well as Quarterly Celebrations, Yakatabune Party and Hanami Celebration are a large part of our culture here at Apex.


The new recruits celebrate the end of training at lunch.


The group split into two teams and faced off in a bowling competition.



"The training program was intense, allowing us to learn and improve at a very fast rate. We were also constantly given points of improvement, allowing us to get better at our tasks everyday. It was great that the trainers were flexible with the content and adjusted to our needs throughout the training program." - Brandon



"Juggling a number of training assignment and presentations was tough, but I learned so many things about what it takes to become a great consultant. I really appreciate Apex giving me the opportunity to go through this training program. Also, at bowling it was my first time to get a strike! Yeah!!!" - Anri


"The fast paced and high tension nature of the training program taught us to handle multiple time sensitive tasks simultaneously, it also made us learn about our weaknesses and come together as a group. I definitely felt a sense of camaraderie with my fellow new recruits. Bowling was like that too, we were all very supportive of each other. I felt like I was at home whether I was bowling or in training." - Praditya


The winning team poses for a victory photo.


This team was not so happy about losing. Better luck next time!


Through the training program, the new hires learned a number of skills that not only will help them in their current role but are key skills for long term career development.


"Compared to other training, we had so much practical training and because of this, I was able to learn many things in depth and can apply these skills to my job. It was tough but I appreciate all the support I was given." - Yuumi


We know they are great additions to their respective teams and are happy to have them be a part of Apex!


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