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This month we welcomed 6 new recruits to our growing team. Their first month will be filled with hands on training to make sure they have the tools to succeed at Apex.

Our training program is designed to provide new hires with the knowledge and skills that will help them succeed at Apex. The goal of the training program is to turn inexperienced new hires into experienced recruiters and industry experts in their field. The program walks them through the entire recruitment process, allowing them to deeply understand their role before they begin working in their teams.


The Apex Story

Managing Director, Brock Worbets, led this session detailing how in 2010, along with the help of the 3 other directors, he started Apex. In this session the trainees learned how the company started out with 5 staff working across 3 industries and has since grown to a company of around 60 employees working in nine industry teams.

The President gives a presentation on the history of Apex

The trainees learn the history of Apex directly from the Managing Director, Brock Worbets.


Call Training

The ability to communicate with industry professionals on the phone is a big aspect of the Associates’ job, so this was one of the focus areas early on in the training program. The trainees started by practicing with each other, but were soon doing the real thing by reaching out to and setting up meetings with candidates. Thanks to this hands on training, the trainees will be well prepared going forward.

The trainees exchange ideas before simulation the call

The trainees exchange ideas before simulating the call.


The trainees practice their phone calls

This session gave the trainees the opportunity to work in pairs and practice their calls.


Apex Terminology

To keep up with the industry jargon and office lingo, the new hires are taught all the recruitment and Apex specific terminology. Rather than the typical lecture style, they were asked to pick a word at random from the pile and challenged to define it.

The new hires listen to the explaination of Apex terminology

The trainees are stuck on one definition, so their Trainer and Director, Keith Dickson, explains the reasoning behind the terminology.


Japanese Business Skills

Not only do we train new hires on specific skills related to their job, we also provide Japanese business skill training to ensure all new hires in our diverse workforce understand the impact of Japanese culture on business. 

We also provide resources on learning common business phrases in Japanese. For those who would like to further develop their Japanese language abilities, a self development fund is provided after their first 3 months of work.



A large part of the training process is learning to work together successfully as a team, so throughout training teamwork is a recurring theme. Apex has a team focused work environment, so having an opportunity to collaborate at this early stage helps the trainees integrate well.

The new hires brainstorm on the white board for a training assignment

Teamwork is a big part of the job so the new recruits are tasked with working together on brainstorming assignments.


"Training has been incredible, probably one of the most helpful and thorough training I have ever had. " - Marisa


On top of developing their call skills, studying Japanese business culture, and learning about the Apex story, they have also worked closely with their mentors in practicing their sales skills both over the phone and in person, and how to conduct industry research, which is a key element in being a successful executive recruiter.

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