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Can Marketing Be a Gateway Into Medical Device Industry?

Apex KK 13/05/2019

The medical device industry continues to see an increasing demand for better access and supply of pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices. In turn, we have seen a steady growth of the esteemed industry throughout the years.

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How to Recover From a Bad Interview

Apex KK 22/04/2019

So you just had a bad interview, now what? Having a bad interview is not the end of the world, and it does not hurt to try again and learn from your mistakes. You can give the interview process another try if you are determined to get the job and feel you are the perfect fit. Whether you were ...

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2019 Hanami Celebration

Apex KK 08/04/2019

Since the Tale of Genji, Hanami has always been a long-time honored tradition in Japan. While Apex’s legacy doesn’t stretch quite as far back as the Nara period, we do have a nearly decade long tradition of taking a day to relax and observe the beginning of spring.

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How technology is changing job recruitment

Apex KK 01/04/2019

We continue to witness just how powerful technology is with its force of creating new changes in our everyday lives and activities that were previously a second nature to us. Now, the job recruitment process has also received a makeover in the Digital Age and there are several changes you should be ...

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How Management Roles Differ From Leadership Roles

Apex KK 25/03/2019

The words manager and leader are very similar and are used interchangeably in the business world. Arguments can be made that leaders are managers and vice versa. If these arguments are true, then what is the difference? Based on the study of the “5 forms of power”, we can get a better understanding ...

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Apex Company Trip: Universal Studios Japan & Osaka

Apex KK 18/03/2019

Here at Apex, we believe in the motto “Work hard, play hard” and last year we definitely worked hard, resulting in one of our most successful years to date.  Last weekend, we decided that it was time to play hard and as a company and we took a trip to Osaka together!

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