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The Return of the Yakatabune

Apex KK 13/07/2022

It's 2022 and the tides are changing. What better way to celebrate than by taking the entire company out on a Yakatabune boat cruise around the Tokyo Bay?  

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English skills required at global companies in Japan

Apex KK 19/04/2022

When you visit job posting sites of global companies, you will never fail to find “English skills” as a requirement. But what level of English and language skills are actually essential in the global workplace in Japan?

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How to Land Your Ideal Job in Your 40's

Apex KK 07/03/2022

Last fall, the CEO of a Japanese beverage giant stated that employees should retire from their companies at the age of 45. This bold statement sparked a furious response from the Japanese working population.

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Apex Named The Executive Search Company of the Year

Apex KK 18/11/2021

Apex was named The Executive Search Company of the Year at the 2021 TIARAs, the industry's most prestigious award program.

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Tips on How to Get Hired By a Big 4 Accounting Firm

Apex KK 10/11/2021

As industries across the globe are seeing a record boom in M&A due to the pandemic, paired with the increasing complexity of the international business environment, the accounting firms have been busy hiring more than ever. 

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5 Tips to Develop Effective Communication as a New Remote Hire

Apex KK 18/06/2021

The pandemic has significantly increased the number of fully remote job interviews, and with no surprise, even after getting an offer, your onboarding process will likely be virtual. As a new employee, let’s check the 5 points on how to avoid the workplace communication challenges you may face when ...

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