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Apex Named The Executive Search Company of the Year

Apex KK 18/11/2021

Apex was named The Executive Search Company of the Year at the 2021 TIARAs, the industry's most prestigious award program.

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Tips on How to Get Hired By a Big 4 Accounting Firm

Apex KK 10/11/2021

As industries across the globe are seeing a record boom in M&A due to the pandemic, paired with the increasing complexity of the international business environment, the accounting firms have been busy hiring more than ever. 

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5 Tips to Develop Effective Communication as a New Remote Hire

Apex KK 18/06/2021

The pandemic has significantly increased the number of fully remote job interviews, and with no surprise, even after getting an offer, your onboarding process will likely be virtual. As a new employee, let’s check the 5 points on how to avoid the workplace communication challenges you may face when ...

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How to Answer Interview Questions with the STAR Method

Apex KK 03/03/2021

Virtual interviews are now the new normal, but with the flattening of interaction, making a lasting impression on your hiring manager may become a challenge. However, there’s a useful strategy that can make your interview stand out among competitors: the STAR method.

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5 Points to Consider When Evaluating an Early Retirement Package

Apex KK 02/12/2020

As a wave of cost reductions hit the workforce, more companies are offering early retirement packages this year. More than 10,000 employees across the 60 Japanese listed companies, which is 1.7 times the 2019 total, have been offered buyout packages by September, 14※.

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ERP Pitfall? A Manager’s Prolonged Job Change Process Case Study

Apex KK 25/09/2020

If your company is ready to offer you an early retirement package (ERP), would you accept it? Receiving a buyout may seem like the right move for those who are already seeking new opportunities. However, even after your initial emotions settle, you will need to weigh both the pros and cons of ...

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